Sunday, May 29, 2011


i'm writing this at shah's beach resort malacca. it's my birthday today-29th may 2011. my 31st birthday. though it's a short one-day-trip but i think it's enough for the first time family vacation. i've been looking to plan holiday trips but there's always been something happened-we have to wait for other times . i just want to ease my mind from several things. it's been hard to live my life lately when there's so much things occurred in between us. but have to go through my life no matter what happened. so this is one of many trips i hope we have in future. hope for the best for both of us. will upload some pictures of faris swimming (?) in the pool. see ya!


Sierrauniform said...

happy belated biday farra, sama date ngan adik saya and his 29..

success forever

~farra_~ said...

:) mekasih. tarikh tu spesial bagi saya sebab tiap2 tahun org ingat tarikh tu sempena pemergian arwah tan sri p.ramlee. saya suka sebab saya rasa saya ni diingati juga oleh org, hehe..

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